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'Delicious Solace'
The philosophy at Solicious has been synthesized into form from three decades of situations, experiences, explorations and discovery.

The journey has been along many thoroughfares, as well as where most have not ventured , leading to today... coming to a place, where it is now time to share what has been found.

One may ask - what may that be? In a nutshell, what can be said first is that your truth has been side stepped, and next, is that our untapped natural true nature patiently just waits for you to be ready and open to both unhook from many narrative(s) imposed onto you, and the other is to upgrade the narrative(s) you have been holding onto so dear.

The intention of Solicious is to liberate each and everyone's vibrant energy. This includes individual as well as organizations, open, willing and ready.

Solicious "is not" woo-woo stuff - but does invite what some may call a spiritual transformation. It's a very Natural, down to earth, practical, rounded and grounded approach to Nature's Way, a natural way of living as we were meant to. Solicious invites a natural style of being engaged - engaged with family, friends, community, commerce, entrepreneurship and career - where each prospers in a natural sustainable way - mindfully aware of its impact on its immediate environment.

Solicious helps us gain important clarity of our life's Situations, our unique Experience, our Exploration, offering life changing Discovery ... giving life to, nurturing our individual SEED, the Natural You, your voice, your brand, your truth first and foremost. No one else can sprout from this unique SEED except you.

As a metaphor, "if you happen to sprout into a apple tree than totally be the pear tree, don't try to be an pear tree".

Below are the services presently being offered.

SneakPeek - for Individuals
SneakPeek is not just Coaching. Its a Guide by your side helping you remember to be the natural you again.

Together we create a space where the Natural You has a chance, where it may even seem like magic can happen by simply watering and nurturing your Situation, Experiences, Exploration and Discovery.

SneakPeek is a space where together we journey and explore ... inviting to understand what the unconscious is trying to share.

Its a safe harbour where its fun to explore, helping you touch on what matters most right here right now.

The session(s) itself can be extremely liberating to find what's possible when two gather in a way as Solicious offers.

SneakPeek helps support the higher natural version of you , it itself being a more natural approach of discovery that matters -- your narrative, your truth.

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RadicalShift - for Individuals & Teams
RadicalShift is a journey which takes you to the next level (of a number of SneakPeeks) into the depths and liberating discoveries by potentially taking upon yourself a natural seamless revolutionary process.

It transcends projection to reflection, a happy place inside you rather then outside of you

Your challenges , shortcomings and adversities come together with your faith in support of what has been waiting to flower for you

Where have you been more focused -- on yourself, on your obligations, for your needs to be met? What impact does this have on yourself and others in you life?

Can you see others as equals who matter, ones who also have needs , feelings and challenges who may also need help?

Have you become a conformist, one who roles with conventionality, within guidelines , not one who rocks the boat. Or are you one who lets your hair down, kicks off your shoes and leverages adversities to be a better place for all?

Are you one to voice opinion, judgement or blame leaving countless trails of division, dishonour and separation? Or one who mindfully ask yourself if your actions have been the problem... wondering how you can do better next time? Or a touch of both depending on the day.

RadicalShift is to help each snap out of excuses, snap out of conformity and reacquaint yourself with Situations, Experiences, Explorations and Discoveries which liberate's you and those around you.

WorkVibe - for Organizations & Departments
WorkVibe is the next level where Solicious helps those in communities and organizations increase the potential of synergy supporting each others different ideas and perspectives to naturally flow.

What better place to have the best time of your day. What would it take? Can we honestly say we are part of a team? How do you know? What is your compass? Are we each a part of the whole? Why?

Are you team material? Or do you do your best work on your own?

Are you open and available to hear someone else's take on a situation, or does impatience creep in?

Do you know yourself. Are you honest to yourself about the impact your own actions have on the whole? Can you speak freely about them?

Is fear an ally by your side , or an automatic act of avoidance?

Do you cost your organization more than you contribute, or are you the one helping it be sustainable?

Are you free to be you? If not, what would it take for you to be free to be you, present, at peace, with clarity and reason? Are you that? Is your team that?

Do you have what it takes? Do you know what it takes ... to be a team, a network?

* Solicious's primary Organizational client focus is on small to medium "NON unionized" organizations.

These are the things we need to ask ourselves while involved in activities involving not just ourselves but others as well.

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What clients are saying
Betsy Maxwell
Portland, OR
Oskar (founder of Solicious) saved me $10,000.00!!! Seriously! By working with Oskar, I was able to be crystal clear on my intentions, hear my inner voice more clearly and discover what my priorities were in a given situation. Oskars support, his questions, his guidance and the use of his wisdom applied to my situation allowed me to move forward in a very difficult for me circumstance. I not only stand my ground but did so without angst, confusion, doubt or turmoil. Yes, it’s difficult to do things differently! Yes, it’s scary to walk though some of life’s challenges! Yes, unfamiliar territory lacks assurance from tried and true experience. This is how we can evolve these arenas in our lives that are stuck, immobile, cloudy and broken by stepping up and doing so with a competent coach. Working with Oskar, you have adequate support, confidence in a process that assists you to get clear, instruction that resonates from within you. It is so much easier then doing it alone or trying this method and that method. Personally, some things in life, we just don’t have the advantage of taking our time and figuring it out the hard way like with $10,000.00 on the line!
I would not hesitate to work with Oskar again nor to recommend his service, his style, his transparency, his skill. Whether you have a huge amount of money on the line like I did – or you are just not sure as to how to get from where you are to where you want to be on a matter, Oskar can assist you saving you valuable time and ENERGY!

Sumit Dongre
Encinitas, CA.
Working with Oskar (founder of Solicious) has proven very useful to me. Oskar has the ability to cut through the mind chatter and extra words that I put together for no reason and get to the core of the issues I want to work on. At first, I didn’t know what to expect – but the process/flow/system he brings out is really effective. He does it through a nice system of compassion and reflection. I can see Oskar’s put a lot of thought and practice into this process. I’ve been through many process works and they all do take time and are effective. I see that Oskar has a system that works quite fast, is very practical for us who are really busy – for me well within an hour of working with Oskar and got me onto the things to apply. This is a very Key process that Oskar bring to you. I’ve seen people bring these processes before, I’ve never seen it go to effectiveness so quickly before. Let the process work for you, then check in with Oskar to keep moving your progress forward.
Raj Sundra
Santa Barbara, CA.
I worked with Oskar (founder of Solicious) over a 90 day period and had some of the biggest in “action breakthroughs” of my life. I have been exposed to some of the best coaches in the industry for the past 10 years. What I mean by “action breakthroughs” is that Oskar’s process leads to breakthroughs in action- and it is action that matter when looking to produce results.
On a morning call with Oskar, I got that I am 100% responsible for creating a foundation of stability and strength from within, no matter what the circumstances are throwing at me. Starting the next day, I got my meditation on, my exercise on, and my eating habits back in order… all leading to the peace and grounding I needed to generate a new client base for my new business. Within 1 month, I had 6 new clients – and I have Oskar to thank in large part.
Oskar combines fluidly an understanding of the inner, a firm commitment to one’s word, and a straight-up relationship to the world of being in action that really works. Get some coaching from this guy – he will rock your world.

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